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Target United Cup 2018 - Boonville

Fans are filling the sidelines as thousands of kids take part in US Youth Soccer’s Target United Cup—one of the largest recreational youth soccer tournaments in the country. This event provides youth soccer players with an opportunity to experience a consistent, high-quality tournament, in a fun family-like atmosphere. This program fosters stimulation and excitement about soccer in an effort to increase the players’ interest in and love for the game.
The opportunity exists for the game of soccer to help mold a positive self-image by encouraging individual and team self-esteem. The Target United Cup program was initiated and organized to enhance the accomplishments of players. The development of all players within US Youth Soccer is advanced when the player meets personal challenges. The Target United Cup is designed to encourage and honor the player by allowing the player to compete for both team and personal goals. This tournament is structured so that, regardless of ability, all players can realistically strive for the goal of being a champion.
The Target United Cup philosophy rests in granting all players equal opportunities and benefits within their level of play in the sport of soccer. All players have the right to participate in the game in order to develop and exhibit their skills while enjoying themselves. The Target United Cup format provides players with a developmental opportunity by emphasizing participation, as opposed to competition in a family-centered environment.

Target United Cup 2018 - Boonville

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The TARGET UNITED CUP is open to all US Youth Soccer affiliated recreational teams Competition will be offered for U8 – U14 age divisions (boys and girls) as long as there are at least four (4) entries in each age group. In the event there are not enough teams to fill one age bracket, some ages may be combined. Weather permitting; teams will play three (3) games with U9 & up teams that finish in the top two positions of their age division playing in a championship (4th ) game during the event.

Registration is $100 per team. 
To begin your application, click the 'Apply Team' button at the top of the registration page.


  1. All teams entering the Target United Cup must be recreational teams.
  2. A player may play for only one team in the event.
  3. Any guest player must be currently assigned to a recreational team registered with MYSA or a border state association.


  1. All players and coaches must be properly registered with a US Youth Soccer or MYSA recreational team in accordance with US Youth Soccer rules, policies, and procedures.
  2. All players and coaches competing in the Target United Cup festival must have current US Youth Soccer member registration numbers.


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