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The administration page provides resources for our member organizations and participants. Within this section, you will find all the forms and guidelines you need for registration, news updates, best practices for running your organization, insurance information, judicial information and more.







Registration and Transfer Information


Information on Missouri Youth Soccer Associations Registration Policies and Procedures can be found at the following link – 2019-2020 MYSA Registration Policies

Missouri Independent Teams that wish to register with the State Office and are not affiliated with any particular League may do so by using the Independent Team registration link below. The State Office will issue you your player cards and rosters and effectively become your registrar and manager your roster changes for you.  The cost is $18.00 per player/coach and a one-time $50.00 service fee.  You may register as many teams as you’d like but Missouri Youth Soccer would prefer you apply to be a direct member if you have over four (4) teams.

Independent Team Registration Link

Player Registration Link


A Missouri State Pass is for any individual player that wishes to register through the Missouri Youth Soccer State Office as a “State Pass” Player.   If you chose to register this way you do NOT belong to any particular team but you may guest play with any team that invites you to participate with them. The state office issues you your player card and effectively becomes your registrar. You will need to go through the state office for any guest player forms to be processed.  You can’t be on a “team” and a “state pass” player, it is one or the other. A State Pass Player cannot participate in a State Cup or Presidents Cup as a guest.

For more information, visit MYSA State Pass Registration 

Player Transfer

A player is eligible to transfer from one club to another with approval from both the sending and receiving teams within the restrictions noted in the MYSA Registration Policies. Excerpt is below, full policy may be found HERE


Player Transfer Policy: Once the player or the player’s representative executes the registration form and pays the appropriate fees to a member organization, that player is bound to that member organization for the duration of the seasonal year. The seasonal year for Missouri Youth Soccer runs August 1 through the opening date of tryouts or, for those teams which are advancing, the conclusion or elimination of the team in any remaining USYS National Competitions. This policy is specifically for the rostering of competitive players that wish to move organizations and has no bearing on recreational participants.

If needed, players have opportunity to transfer during the soccer season as described below:

a) Between the earliest dates; August 1st of the seasonal year or later date that a player or the player’s representative executes the team or club registration form and November 30th of the same year, there will be no transfers allowed to other teams or clubs for competitive players.
b) Between December 1st and January 15th of the seasonal year, a player may request, and be granted, a transfer from one team/club to another team/club once the following provision is met:

1) There will be a $400 transfer fee charged. $100 of the fee will remain with the Missouri Youth Soccer Association for administrative purposes and $300 to the team losing the player for administrative purposes. This fee is paid as part of the transfer request process and must be completed.

c) Between January 16th and May 26th of the seasonal year, there will be no transfers allowed to other teams or clubs for competitive players.

Any other matters concerning a transfer, or the fee associated with it, should be directed via e-mail to the District Commissioner for your area. Contacts are available 

Click Here – Player Transfer Form

Update to Permission to Participate Policy
Effective August 1st, 2017 it is no longer required to obtain a “Permission to Participate” form to attend an event outside of your club team. All recruiting rules still apply and have been recently updated.

Out-of-State Player Registration

This is for any individual player that is a Missouri Resident wishes to register to a team/club in a different state. Any player wishing to register in another state must first register in Missouri per USYS Rule 201.
Click Here to complete the Out-of-State registration process.

For more information, please see the Out-of-State Player Registration Instructions.

Travel Permits & Non-USYS events both in-state and out:

Missouri honors all Applications to Host from other State Associations but may not, at its own discretion, extend insurance coverage or pass card usage to non-USYS sanctioned events both outside the State of Missouri as well as inside the state borders. You are urged to contact the MYSA office should you intend to participate in a non-MYSA tournament within the state to find out if your coverage is in effect prior to applying to those events.

Any Missouri-registered team that is traveling outside the state of Missouri for a tournament, league play, or friendly, is required to get a travel permit. Any team that is playing or participating in any event that is sanctioned by any other state, and happen to be playing in Missouri you will need a travel permit. (for example, you may be playing at Swope Park in Kansas City but the event you are playing in has been sanctioned by Kansas and not Missouri – you will need a travel permit)

If a team is participating in an out-of-state event and does not request (and receive) a travel permit, your team will not be covered under the MYSA insurance policies. Therefore, the players will not be covered under our accident policy in case of injury for that event.

Travel permits are now exclusively done through your team's Affinity profile. 
For instructions on how to complete a Travel Permit Request, please see the following step-by-step guide: 
Requesting/ Printing a Travel Permit

International Clearance Process

FIFA requires all players over the age of 10, regardless of their ability or citizenship, to receive an international transfer clearance (“ITC”) from their former country when they are attempting to register to play soccer in a different country (i.e., the United States). U.S. Soccer is responsible for obtaining that ITC on behalf of all players in the U.S. participating in games or events with a league, group or club that has a “legal, financial or de facto” tie, and any clubs that have at the minimum a de facto tie would include those that are permitted to use the name and benefit from having an affiliation. It is the responsibility of the Club or League to verify compliance.

For more details, visit the US Soccer International Clearance Process page.

Insurance Requests

To request a Certificate of Insurance for a Team, Club or League please CLICK HERE. You may request as many COI’s as you’d like, you will need one per location you are using.  The form is automated, please fill out all the information, submit and it will be processed back to you electronically.

To Process an Insurance Claim please CLICK HERE.
or Missouri Youth Soccer to process any claim form the form must be filled out completely before being submitted. ALL COMPLETED CLAIM FORMS MUST BE SUBMITTED WITHIN 45 DAYS OF THE REPORTED INCIDENT FOR COVERAGE. This coverage is secondary behind the individuals own coverage and carries a deductible.



Nonprofit governance focuses primarily on the fiduciary responsibility that a board of directors has with respect to the exercise of authority over the explicit public trust that is understood to exist between the mission of an organization and those whom the organization serves. Missouri Youth Soccer and each of our member organizations may have started as soccer organizations but we have thrived because we are nonprofits that have demonstrated to our community that we are here to serve a vital need – we believe in the game of soccer as a vehicle to create better people through the physical, mental, and emotional development that is fostered through our sport and our supporters.

US Youth Soccer Guidelines for Financial Management

501 Commons – Best Practices for Boards 8.2011


Coaching Requirements

Checklist for all MYSA Coaches & Admin:

How to upload certificates to your Affinity profile: LINK



Please use this form to see if you qualify for monetary assistance from the Missouri Youth Soccer Association Grants Program. Once submitted we will be in touch with you concerning how to submit an application for grant. All grants are currently capped at $10K annually per member association. The grant program is ongoing with no starting or end date but we currently limit disbursements to $50K per seasonal year.




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