Independent Team Registration

Any Missouri Competitive level team that wishes to register with the State Office and are not affiliated with any particular member club or league may do so by using the Independent Team registration link below. The State Office will issue you your player cards and rosters and effectively become your registrar and manage your roster changes for you.  The cost is $100 per team.  You may register as many teams as you’d like but Missouri Youth Soccer would prefer you apply to be a direct member if you have more than (4) teams.

Steps to complete the process:

  1. Coaches/Managers should first complete the Coach/Manager Registration to be eligible to register their team
  2. Coaches/Managers can then create and register their team for the 2022/23 Season here:    Independent Team Registration
  3. Once a team has been created, players can register and select the necessary team here:   Player Registration
  4. After all players and coaches have registered and completed the necessary requirements,  please contact the MYSA Staff listed below to confirm / lock the roster and generate cards for your members. 

Please contact Mitch and/or Will for assistance with your registration if needed.