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This form is for registered players who wish to change their primary club/organization during the current season. The $400 fee serves as an automatic release from that club.

Player Transfer

A player is eligible to transfer from one club to another with approval from both the sending and receiving teams within the restrictions noted in the MYSA Registration Policies. Excerpt is below, full policy may be found HERE


Player Transfer Policy: Once the player or the player’s representative executes the registration form and pays the appropriate fees to a member organization, that player is bound to that member organization for the duration of the seasonal year. The seasonal year for Missouri Youth Soccer runs August 1 through the opening date of tryouts or, for those teams which are advancing, the conclusion or elimination of the team in any remaining USYS National Competitions. This policy is specifically for the rostering of competitive players that wish to move organizations and has no bearing on recreational participants.

If needed, players have opportunity to transfer during the soccer season as described below:

a) Between the earliest dates; August 1st of the seasonal year or later date that a player or the player’s representative executes the team or club registration form and November 30th of the same year, there will be no transfers allowed to other teams or clubs for competitive players.
b) Between December 1st and January 15th of the seasonal year, a player may request, and be granted, a transfer from one team/club to another team/club once the following provision is met:

1) There will be a $400 transfer fee charged. $100 of the fee will remain with the Missouri Youth Soccer Association for administrative purposes and $300 to the team losing the player for administrative purposes. This fee is paid as part of the transfer request process and must be completed.

c) Between January 16th and May 26th of the seasonal year, there will be no transfers allowed to other teams or clubs for competitive players.

Any other matters concerning a transfer, or the fee associated with it, should be directed via e-mail to the District Commissioner for your area. District Contacts are available HERE.


Update to Permission to Participate Policy
Effective August 1st, 2017 it is no longer required to obtain a “Permission to Participate” form to attend an event outside of your club team. All recruiting rules still apply and have been recently updated.