Travel Permits & Non-USYS events both in-state and out:

Missouri honors all Applications to Host from other State Associations but may not, at its own discretion, extend insurance coverage or pass card usage to non-USYS sanctioned events both outside the State of Missouri as well as inside the state borders. You should contact the MYSA office should you intend to participate in a non-MYSA  sanctioned tournament within the state to find out if your coverage is in effect prior to applying to those events.

Any Missouri-registered team that is traveling outside the state of Missouri for a tournament, league play, or friendly, is required to get a travel permit. Any team that is playing or participating in any event that is sanctioned by any other state, and happen to be playing in Missouri you will need a travel permit. (for example, you may be playing at Swope Park in Kansas City but the event you are playing in has been sanctioned by Kansas and not Missouri – you will need a travel permit)

If a team is participating in an out-of-state event and does not request (and receive) a travel permit, your team will not be covered under the MYSA insurance policies. Therefore, the players will not be covered under our accident policy in case of injury for that event.

new for 2021/22 season:

Travel permits are now exclusively done through The Tournament Center
For instructions on how to complete a Travel Permit Request, please see the following step-by-step guide: Requesting a Travel Permit