Nonprofit governance focuses primarily on the fiduciary responsibility that a board of directors has with respect to the exercise of authority over the explicit public trust that is understood to exist between the mission of an organization and those whom the organization serves. Missouri Youth Soccer and each of our member organizations may have started as soccer organizations but we have thrived because we are nonprofits that have demonstrated to our community that we are here to serve a vital need – we believe in the game of soccer as a vehicle to create better people through the physical, mental, and emotional development that is fostered through our sport and our supporters.

US Youth Soccer Guidelines for Financial Management

501 Commons – Best Practices for Boards 8.2011


Please use this form to see if you qualify for monetary assistance from the Missouri Youth Soccer Association Grants Program. Once submitted we will be in touch with you concerning how to submit an application for a grant. All grants are currently capped at $10K annually per member association. The grant program is ongoing with no starting or end date but we currently limit disbursements to $50K per seasonal year.