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USYS Travel Perks

By Admin, 02/09/21, 9:45PM CST


Discounts for MYSA/USYS Members

USYS has created relationships with two dynamic travel brands, Southwest Airlines and National Rental Car, to provide travel perks back to our USYS family. With Southwest, any flights booked and flown from now through May 31st, 2021 will earn 50% more bonus points towards their personal Rapid Rewards Account. With National Rental Car, through July 31st, 2021, we have contracted guaranteed rates for each type of vehicle to ensure that when booking during peak times, your rates will not exceed those maximum rates.

US Youth and Southwest Airlines Partnership Announcement

Between November 15th, 2020 and May 31st, 2021, all flights booked and flown through US Youth Soccer’s SWABIZ account will receive an additional 50% bonus points towards their personal Rapid Rewards account. 

Example – Upon completion of flight from Dallas to Miami, where you would have received 500 Points, you will now receive 750 points by booking through our account. 

How do I log in to earn more points?

  • Go to SWABIZ.COM
  • Under the Traveler login section, enter USYS Company ID Number – 99159406
  • Underneath the Company ID Number, click on the arrow with Log in with my Rapid Rewards 
  • Enter your Rapid Rewards Account Number or Username, along with your Password, and Log in. 
    • For convenience, click the Remember Me above the Log in button to proceed quicker.
  • Once you are through to the Southwest booking page, you can select and book your flight as normal. Upon completion of the flight, you will see the points in your account. 

When booking through Southwest, you get:

  • Some of the lowest prices for flights in the United States
  • You can update your rate if the price decreases
  • Two free checked bags
  • Strong record for punctual arrival at destination
  • No Transaction Charges
  • Tracking for reusable funds
  • No Change Fees

For questions about SWABIZ or Southwest Airlines, please reach out to Zach Legleiter at

National/Enterprise – Business: XZ09324

  • Trial runs through July 31st, 2021
  • Start a reservation by going to
    • Input your location, (drop off location if different), Pick Up and Drop Off Date and Time.
    • Just below the reservation window, Under Account Number/Coupons, enter XZ09324 in your Account number field and Continue.
    • Choose they type of car that you will need and complete your booking.
  • Through July 31st, 2021, we are guaranteed the below daily rates will not exceed:
ECAR Economy 41 41 41 89
CCAR Compact 41 41 41 89
ICAR Intermediate 41 41 41 89
SCAR Standard 42 42 42 89
FCAR Full Size 45 45 45 89
PCAR Premium 55 55 55 55
PXAR Premium Special 55 55 55 55
LCAR Luxury 58 58 58 58
MVAR Minivan 75 75 75 75
IFAR Intermediate SUV 80 80 80 80
SFAR Standard SUV 80 80 80 80
FFAR Large SUV 105 105 105 105
SPAR ½ ton Standard Truck n/a 77 77 n/a
PPAR ½ ton Full Size Truck n/a 77 77 n/a
SKAR Cargo Van n/a n/a 77 n/a
RVAR 12 Passenger Van* n/a 150 150 n/a
FVAR 15 Passenger Van* n/a 150 150 n/a
  • If you already have an  Emerald Club profile, please email Matt Overley (matthew.s.overley@ehi.comyour existing Emerald Club Number so he can link your profile to the new program.
  • We also received reduced airport rental rates as there are often fees associated with renting from some of the bigger airlines. Those vary across the country, but were negotiated lower through our contract.