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MYSA Partners with GeoSnapShot!

By Katie Gieske, 03/21/23, 10:45AM CDT


Elevating the player experience and access to tournament photography!


MYSA is thrilled to announce its partnership with global sports photography platform, GeoSnapShot, to elevate the player experience through photography.

GeoSnapShot’s photo gallery, embedded on the MYSA website, makes it easy for the organization to store all their photos in a central location and GeoSnapShot’s powerful AI technology enables parents and players to find the photos of themselves or their child in seconds.

Missouri Youth Soccer Executive Director, Nik Bushell, welcomed the partnership, saying “I’m glad we’re able to share technology that gives families the chance to create lasting memories of their players. We look forward to working with GeoSnapShot for the benefit of our membership.”

GeoSnapShot’s unique online platform allows any photographer invited by Missouri Youth Soccer – such as professional photographers, staff photographers, or family members – to upload their photos to a central online gallery, where MYSA players and families can find all their photos using GeoSnapShot’s AI selfie search or jersey number recognition, for instant download.

GeoSnapShot CEO, Andy Edwards said the partnership will enable Missouri Youth Soccer to better control, distribute and manage the photography of their players.

“Photos are an important memory for every youth soccer player and at GeoSnapShot we believe that every player and their family should have access to their sporting memories,” said Andy.

“GeoSnapShot is delighted to be supporting Missouri Youth Soccer by providing our technology that takes the heavy lifting out of media management, including GeoSnapShot’s photo redaction technology which instantly removes photos of children who cannot be seen, giving Missouri Youth Soccer the control to enhance its SafeSport duty of care,” said Andy Edwards.


MYSA’s GeoSnapShot photo gallery is now live on the MYSA website! 

You can view it here:


About GeoSnapShot

GeoSnapShot ( is a unique technology platform that solves media distribution for every sports event, sports organization and school globally. Founded in 2014, GeoSnapShot has distributed more than 18 million photos to more than 5 million people in 82 countries.


About MYSA 

At its core, Missouri Youth Soccer Association’s (MYSA) mission is to provide children from all walks of life the opportunity to play and learn valuable life lessons from participation in the world’s most populous sport. MYSA strives to complete its mission through the fair and neutral administration of our member clubs, leagues, and tournaments. Missouri Youth Soccer Association is the state affiliate and member of U.S. Soccer and U.S. Youth Soccer.  



GeoSnapShot:  Abby Storm / GeoSnapShot Partner Success USA

Missouri Youth Soccer Association:   Katie Gieske -  Media Coordinator -