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ODP Age Groups


What is the Olympic Development Program (ODP)?

The mission of Missouri Youth Soccer Association’s (MYSA) Olympic Development Program is to identify and develop the top players registered within the State of Missouri, to promote development through quality coaching, and to help these players gain recognition on the Regional and National levels.

The following are among the numerous benefits the ODP has to offer:

  • Development as a player by training with and playing against the best players in one’s age group.
  • Quality instruction from nationally licensed coaches.
  • Quality competition, including games against other State’s ODP teams.
  • Exposure to collegiate, professional, regional and national team coaches.
  • The opportunity to represent one’s state, region, or country in competition.

We believe the Missouri ODP program can supplement a player's development in conjunction with their affiliate club.


Our ODP Open Training sessions are listed below and are open to all players. Specific times are listed for September sessions. These are an opportunity for players and families to meet our staff and learn about ODP. Players are welcome to attend as many sessions as they would like. You can view the schedule for the entire 2021-22 ODP Cycle here.

Register for September Open Trainings Here


Boonville - Missouri Soccer Park, Field 7 - Monday, September 20

5:00-6:30   2008-12 Boys (plus non-HS 2007 Boys) & Girls

6:30-8:00   2004-07 Girls


*Cape Girardeau - Shawnee Park, Field 4 & 5 - Tuesday, October 5*

5:15-6:45   2008-12 Boys (plus non-HS 07) & 2004-12 Girls

*Rescheduled due to Weather*


Springfield - Cooper Youth Sports Complex - Wednesday, September 22

5:00-6:30   2008-12 Boys (plus non-HS 2007 Boys) & Girls

6:30-8:00   2004-07 Girls


Joplin - Missouri Southern State University - Thursday, September 23

5:30-7:00   2008-12 Boys (plus non-HS 07) & 2004-12 Girls


St. Louis - SLYSA Complex, Field 6 & 7 - Sep 27-29

Monday, September 27

7:30-9:00   2004-06 Girls  

Tuesday, September 28

5:00-6:15   2011-012 Boys

6:30-7:45   2009-10 Boys

8:00-9:30   2008-2007 Boys (non-HS 07's)

Wednesday, September 29

5:00-6:15   2011-012 Girls

6:30-7:45   2009-10 Girls

8:00-9:30   2008-2007 Girls


*Specific Times Could be Adjusted


Added Benefit for all High School Age ODP Registered Players: ODP Registered High School Age players will receive FREE access to Choose It Right and the Smart College Report. This report includes a list of colleges that best match their preferences and profile, a list of college coaches to contact, along with numerous resources and information as to how to make the right choices when choosing a college.  "We simplify the college search process by eliminating 100+ hours of college research with just the click of a button so that families can focus on colleges that really fit their needs,” said Tim Twellman, Choose It Right’s SVP of Student-Athlete Services.


Any soccer player registered in Missouri Youth Soccer Association is eligible for consideration in the ODP provided he or she meets the age requirement for the established age group (2004 - 2012 Birth Year for 2021-22 Cycle). Tryouts are available to all players. If a player is not registered with MYSA, they will be registered when they sign up for tryouts.