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State Cup Qualifying Game Info


ALL QUALIFYING GAMES MUST BE SCHEDULED BY September 12th & COMPLETED BY September 26th.  Failure to play the game by the final date will result in a coin flip to determine the advancing team. 

If your match is against another LOCAL MARKET TEAM , then the HOME TEAM  (team listed on TOP on the bracket listing) should work with the opposing team to acquire a field and complete the game within the allowable dates, your field costs will be reimbursed after providing an invoice from the facility up to the maximum allowed ($180 per game payable to the facility). ONCE FIELDS ARE SECURED AND AGREED UPON BY BOTH TEAMS  then contact the state office and  referees will be paid for and assigned by Missouri Youth Soccer Association at NO COST  to you. Officials will be provided by the State Association in all cases and notice of a scheduled game MUST be given to the State Association  at least 10 days in advance  of the game.

If your game is against a  TEAM FROM ANOTHER MARKET  then your game will be scheduled at the artificial fields in Boonville, MO by Missouri Youth Soccer. Games in Boonville are scheduled at no cost to the teams & game officials will be provided.

NOTE: Due to the number of Qualifying games & locations, should either team desire to have an Athletic Trainer on-site it is the responsibility of the team(s) to schedule and compensate the Trainer. 

NOTE: A team that does not advance will be refunded their entry fee less $250. A team selected for a Qualifying Game may withdraw from the competition by September 10th and receive a FULL REFUND.

All leagues sanctioned by Missouri Youth Soccer Association are expected to assist in accommodating the Qualifying games up to and including the rescheduling of a league game to allow play of a Qualifying match. PLEASE NOTE THAT LEAGUE GAMES, MRL GAMES AND TOURNAMENT GAMES MAY ALL BE USED AS A QUALIFYING GAME AS LONG AS 10 DAYS NOTICE IS GIVEN TO MYSA TO SECURE THE CORRECT OFFICIALS FOR THE GAME.

Missouri Youth Soccer contact info: If needed, you may contact the State office for the contact information of your opposing team or additional assistance by emailing