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SPRING 2023 Team Application

Registration for the SPRING 2023 Session for 13U & 14U Teams now open until November 6, 2022.

Midwest Conference League Manager Bryan Flanagan

Midwest Conference League Manager Bryan Flanagan


The USYS Midwest Conference (formerly MRL) features three TEAM v TEAM tiers — Premier I, Premier II and Qualifying Divisions with relegation & promotion — to ensure the highest level of meaningful competition among the Midwest. The league provides an opportunity for the most competitive teams in the Midwest to play each other on a scheduled basis while also competing for placement in the prestigious US Youth Soccer Regional Championships, as well as automatic qualification into the highly-competitive US Youth Soccer National League.

Conference Fees

Application Fees for the 2022/2023 seasons will be $800 for all teams participating per season.
This fee is payable to USYS at the time of registration and league rosters are not approved until full payment is received.
***Teams will have two payment options. They can pay by credit card online or they can mail in a paper check to the National Office. Teams that choose to pay with a credit card will be charged a processing fee, this processing fee will be 3.25% plus a $0.15 per application fee for a credit card payment. Credit cards will not be actually charged until a team is officially accepted, so they can have a club admin log back in to pay for all their clubs teams at once if needed. If they choose to mail in a paper check this will incur no additional fees and they will be provided with a payment form that must be included with their check when it is mailed.***

As you may know, USYS and MYSA have switched over to the GotSport (formerly GotSoccer) platform starting with the 2021/22 season.  The team walk-through documents are available on the Midwest Conference website under the Team Information section will aid teams and clubs in the account creation and registration process, as well as sending in payments, updating team contact information, and other processes that may require assistance.

Be sure to refer to the Official USYS League Rules if you have any questions.

For more information on the league, visit 


If you are in need of referees for any competitive matches throughout the state, please contact the assignor listed below:


William Brooks

William Brooks

State Referee Assignor

Phone: 314-616-8107

USYS Midwest Conference 2021/2022 Acceptance Policy

Please fill out the MYSA Team Registration form completely, a link to the Midwest Conference Application will be sent out within 24 hours of submission or we will be in contact with any questions. You are not accepted into the Conference until all submissions are reviewed and approved by Missouri Youth Soccer and USYS Midwest Conference.

Participation in our Missouri State Cup has always been a required element of acceptance to gain entry into the Midwest Conference & the USYS National League. Historically we have worked to accommodate all teams requesting entry into the league even if they did not participate in our Cup. This past season we placed 142 teams into the Midwest Conference, this well exceeds the number of slots that we are generally allotted based on past performance in Midwest Conference and we have been lucky to have never denied a team entry.

Going forward we will need to require that any team that seeks admission to the Midwest Conference at age 14U and above to have participated in the Missouri State Cup the previous year so that we may use this competition to best rank the teams we are accepting. Any team that does NOT participate in Cup shall only gain entry into the Midwest Conference should a slot be available after all participating teams have been approved.

This, of course, does not guarantee acceptance into the Midwest Conference, but by participating in State Cup, it offers us a better ability to evaluate teams in a direct comparison of play rather than trying to find like opponent matches that only show a portion of the picture. This should place all of our teams in the best chance for their success in the league and beyond.


The Midwest Conference is one of 13 conferences that fall under the scope of the US Youth Soccer National League and operate at a multi-state level — providing high-level competition on a consistent basis at a targeted local level (Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Missouri, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota).

Note: Minnesota, Michigan and Indiana teams are split between the Great Lakes Conference and Midwest Conference, due to various factors. Click Here for more details on those states.

The Midwest Conference’s top tier of divisions (Premier I and Club vs. Club) offers its teams an opportunity to advance to the US Youth Soccer Midwest Regional Championships, which are held annually each summer, as well as to qualify for the following season of National League P.R.O. Midwest Conference teams also have access to the National League Showcase Series, which offers a unique opportunity for teams to compete within a national platform with diverse cross-Conference matchups against teams from differing parts of the country.

The US Youth Soccer National League provides annual league competitions at the multi-state and national tiers for the highest levels of boys and girls teams in US Youth Soccer.

The multi-state tier of competition is comprised of the National League Conferences, which debuted in the 2018-19 season to replace what were previously known as the US Youth Soccer Regional Leagues. The national tier of competition is National League P.R.O. — Player, Recruitment, Opportunity — which provides a platform for top teams in the country to compete in a league format that offers a direct pathway to the annual US Youth Soccer National Championships.

CLICK HERE to visit the Midwest Conference homepage


The US Youth Soccer National League operates as the highest level of competition in the US Youth Soccer Leagues Program and is for the nation's top teams in the 14U, 15U, 16U, 17U, 18U and 19U boys and girls age groups. The 14U through 18U divisions consist of up to 32 teams per gender age group, while the 19U age group features up to 16 teams for each gender. The National League offers additional exposure to collegiate, professional and U.S. National Team coaches and offers the highest level of competition in the country as each team must earn their place in the league.

The National League’s alumni have gone on to prove themselves at the collegiate and professional levels, with former players competing in NCAA Division I, II and III, Major League Soccer, National Women’s Soccer League, the UEFA Champions League and the FIFA Women’s World Cup.