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League America (Recreational Programming)

League America Resources

League America Member Requirements:

  • Be a current MYSA Member Organization that registers all persons with MYSA (all players and coaches no matter the level)
  • Coaches in League America must attend an In-Person Coaching Session organized in conjunction with MYSA.
  • All coaches must complete MYSA's Risk Management/Registration requirements. 
  • Member Associations must agree to distribute and promote a MYSA developed training plan to their coaches.
  • Rules of competition must be reviewed and approved by MYSA staff before the start of the season/session. 


Players that play in a League America affiliated Recreational League will wear the League America crest on their sleeves as a badge of honor. This forms a sense of belonging to something bigger for both players and coaches.


League America has three developmental curricula:




Each curriculum has a series of progressive sessions and concepts that explore attacking and defending moments in each third of the field.  The curricula also include a session checklist, diagram guide, and terms to know to use with each session.

How to Sign Up Your League

Contact Brad Gieske to set up a virtual or in-person meeting!

Brad Gieske

Brad Gieske

League America Manager - Recreational Outreach

Phone: 6363549573

Sample League America Session and Recorded Weekly Preparation Video

Fall 2022 League America - Missouri Affiliates