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Tryout Dates

Tryout Dates for 2022/2023 Season Are Listed Below by District

Central District

All TRYOUTS begin Sunday, June 12th

Eastern District

All TRYOUTS begin Sunday, June 12th

Southern District

All TRYOUTS begin Sunday, June 12th

Western District

ID camps, Kick Arounds, etc...can be held anytime after 1/10 but must be advertised to the public (no target marketing). The following restrictions apply to Western District ONLY:

  • May 22:  Registration opens for next year and returning players can be offered spots and register at that time (first date payment for 22-23 season can be taken).
  • Tryouts (first date to offer spots to players from other clubs and first day for new players to register and pay for 22-23 season):
  • June 10:  u12 and younger (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, etc)
  • June 11:  u13 and older (2010-2004)

Each club should have a refund policy in place for their club and once a player registers for the upcoming season the terms of that refund policy are in place

*Registration fees are non-refundable*


NOTICE: Regarding Kick-Arounds, ID Camps, Academy Sessions or whatever other crazy names that people make up for any session held prior to your District’s official tryout date. As of August 1st, 2017 the MYSA Board adopted a change that allowed participation in organized activities within other clubs. This allows advertising of these sessions to the general public and for a player to attend and be given general information about the club and its programming. This is done without the need of a signed Permission To Participate document.

AT NO TIME can a coach or club specifically target a player or team with its advertising or sales pitch and absolutely no offer of a roster spot can be offered, or monies collected, prior to the first day of tryouts. Targeting specific individuals or groups is recruiting and the rules against such still apply.

Parents & Players should carefully review all documentation that are to be signed as you may be held financially responsible for certain payments to clubs once signed regardless of your participation. A player that wishes to move to another club prior to tryouts, or outside of the tryout period, will be required to pay the appropriate transfer fee prior to such a move.

No competitive club or team can require payments be made to them from a current player prior to tryouts to “save a spot” nor is a player held to any commitment made before the date or without the proper execution of club documents or MYSA Registration (including payment) for the new seasonal year.

These rules only apply to Competitive players & teams. Recreational teams cannot limit their players in any way from attending or participating in any events or activities that they should choose. All rules and notices for these matters can be found on the “Forms & Downloads” page that is accessed through the Player & Team Admin tab at the top of the website.

Things to keep in mind during this time:

  1. You cannot have a tryout and be considered recreational, teams that are selected based on ability are by definition "competitive".
  2. You cannot make offers of a roster spot to a player or parent nor can you collect a fee prior to the start of tryouts in your district. (this includes monies to "hold a spot" on a roster).
  3. The parent or legal guardian must sign a player agreement for them to be held responsible for their debts to a club or team.